A Challah Exchange


One of our most recent exchanges was home-baked challah. Wonder how it works when a “product” is involved in an exchange?

In this case the baker received time credits (hours) for the time it took to assemble the ingredients and make the bread and the receiver also reimbursed her for the cost of the ingredients.

What a yummy way to use the network!

Time Trade Network in Action

What Kinds of Services are Members Offering?

We are often asked what services are available through the Time Trade Network. It’s a tough one to answer because services offered vary from week-to-week. The more members we have, the more variety of services are offered. Here’s a list of some of the services offered and received and a sampling of photos to give you a sense of some of the exchanges that have taken place over the past several months.

S’mores Dessert Tray with Homemade Marshmallows

Time Trade for Croquet Party2014






Window Washing

Mail Attachment-1







Mail Attachment

We’ve Launched!

2014.10.19famers market time trade

We had a great day at our launch at the Newburyport Farmers’ Market on October 19th! Here’s Carole, one of the members who helped pilot the program, with the banner written and designed by current time traders Elizabeth, Nancy and Beth.

We talked to lots of people, some of whom had read the article in the “Newburyport Daily News” and stopped by just to find out more. 21 people registered for one of the two upcoming orientations on October 30th and November 8th.  We’re off!

Time Trade Network of Greater Newburyport to Formally Launch on October 19th

In the beginning there was time, followed eons later by the ubiquitous lack of time and the  ever-frustrating waste of time. Now a group of locals are introducing the idea of “trading time” to get things done and bring people back together.

Exchanging favors and services between friends and family is a timeless tradition that conjures images of barn-raisings and informal childcare. But a group of locals think that many of these casual exchanges have been replaced by monetary transactions that have eroded a sense of community and reciprocity.

The Time Trade Network of Greater Newburyport will help to right this imbalance and restore an exchange of skill for skill while rebuilding community. According to founding member Elizabeth Marcus the Network is special because it encourages personal relationships.

The Time Trade Network will restore a non-monetary system of reciprocity that develops and strengthens community social connections,” Marcus said.

The Network is a system of giving and receiving services between members which are then recorded through special software and accessed through a member website. Every hour given is worth an hour in return of services from a fellow trader of the network. All hours are of equal value whether fixing a car or caring for a pet. Hours earned are deposited in the “time-bank” and can be used later to receive other services from members of the network.

Over the past year seven local volunteers have been researching, testing and designing the Network. It will debut on Sunday, October 19 at the Newburyport Farmers’ Market located at the Tannery.

Twenty-five volunteers participated in a pilot program from May until September. There were 41 types of services exchanged during the pilot. These services included event planning, plant care, pet care, hauling, photography, clutter management, cooking, writing, computer assistance and home decorating.

The larger our membership becomes, the more diverse the services offered will be,” said Marcus.

The mission of the TTNGN’s is to “provide a time exchange system that connects unmet needs with untapped resources by empowering its members to both seek assistance and share their wealth of skills and experiences; enhancing the quality of our members’ lives and fostering a greater sense of cooperation that enriches our local community.”

There are over 30 time banks already operating in New England. Some of the most successful include the Hour Exchange of Portland, Maine and the Time Trade Circle of Cambridge, Massachusetts. The TTNGN is organized as a Massachusetts non-profit corporation.

The core group and members of the pilot program will be at their Farmers’ Market booth from 9 AM to 1 PM to share their experiences with time trading and to answer questions. They will also be
registering those interested for an orientation meeting, a requirement to become a member. Orientations are currently scheduled for Thursday, October 30 at 7 PM or Saturday, November 8 at 10 AM in Newburyport. Additional orientations will be scheduled in the future.

Contact the Network at 978-225-3440 or timetradenetwork@gmail.com for further information.