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Raised Beds

I’m a regular exchanger in the time trade network, at least once and often twice a month, both offering and receiving services.

Last spring I got help with a big garden project that I had been wanting to do for a couple of years. I’ve always hated to throw away things that still have a useful life, so when I replaced my old cedar fence, I kept the fence posts. Most were in relatively good condition.

My idea was to cut them into lengths to make raised beds, but I did not have the tools or the skill to cut through those 4” square posts. To the rescue came another time trader with the tool, skill, and the time to cut the posts, which I then assembled into 3 raised beds. It was a great trade! I salvaged the wood, we visited while we worked together, and I had a wonderful space to grow herbs and vegetables this summer.


I like baking bread in the winter because it warms the kitchen and sends its delicious aroma through the house. This recipe is a no-knead overnight bread that I made for a member. I hope she likes it.

Linda Villalobos

Linda Villalobos

My husband and I decided to retire in the beautiful city of Newburyport MA. We knew about the many attractions here, but have been delighted with the sense of community we’ve found.

Joining Time Trade Network of Greater Newburyport -TTNGN- was a great idea from the start. First, because we met kind people who care about others. Next, because we learned ways that we could help others by doing things we enjoy. Who knew that driving someone to an appointment was a “talent?” We have helped with gardening, baking and selling tickets at a concert.

The TTNGN annual yard sale and the Repair Cafe are two volunteer events that help recycle goods that might otherwise go to the dump. Besides enjoying ourselves, we help ourselves and others to save money. No one pays for the services; we accumulated hours which are banked, then used when we needed someone to water our plants or feed our cat or fish. Everyone’s time is valued equally. We look forward to new experiences with our friends from TTNGN.